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I'm easily inspired by the little red headed dude.. I have the superman pic as my background on my work computer now and was staring at it and poof.. decided that I wanted to see my baby as my background. I have a bit of formatting work to do, but I think I'm onto something (of course.. i'll change my mind within minutes...)

have i mentioned that the Ghost Hunters Reveal show is on tonite on SciFI at 9PM? It's a new hour long show dedicated to summarizing the 7 hour live show that they aired on Halloween.. you remember.. the one that freaked me the hell out! We're still sleeping with the lights on!

Yes.. I'll be watching.. :)

Let me know what you think about my layout change.. i have to rethink my "banner" because it is too busy now, but i love that pic of ben in the grass.. so we'll see..


  1. What A Card said...
    Dude, 12 posts already in November? You do realize NaBloPoMo is ONE post per day, right? ;)

    Anyway, just had to say how cute your cutie patootie is!!
    donna said...
    ben is beautiful!! i could look at him all day! the layout is great-could you move the words over more to the right. it's a little distracking-then again it could be my!!
    Giovanna Diaries said...
    Your about as background techno-savvy as me. That's why I stick to dots!
    But Ben is cute in the superman suit. Futz around w/it'll eventually get it right.
    beck said...
    this is the funniest thing ever... i have about 10 minutes of ok the computer hasn't crashed time and i am starting to lock up......what a riot this is...

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