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Note the lack of graphical interest on my site. I enjoyed my patriotic background while it lasted.. but now I'm in the mood for something a bit more "me".. and yet, i have no ideas. I thought it would be more inspiring (irritating) if I left the layout simple and essentially blank so that my artistic inspirations can flourish.

yeah.. whatever.. i just have to find a background that isn't stupid looking or i have to make my own (also hoping to avoid having it stupid looking).

So for day 5 of NaBloPoMo.. I'm thankful for simple blog layouts..

[in other news.. the boy now has the plague.. he had a bit of a delayed reaction, but he either just now came down with his own version of the bug that shiela and i had last week or he picked up a new bug that has him cleaning out our diaper and desitin supply and being a hitting scream machine. Of course.. that backfired on him (and us) last night when he tried to hit shiela and instead bonked his binky against his own nose, which then started bleeding again.. damn!]

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  1. donna said...
    it always happens with kids--your having a great time doing wonderful things with them--the farm trip--then they repay you with the plague!! of course you use to do the same thing BUT you waited until it was time to go to PA on the holidays and delayed our leaving for a few days! Hmmm kids LOVE them!!!!

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