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Hi all.. Ok.. so I've almost got this blog thing set up..

(because was already taken by the painters.. *grin*)

It is now active although I have a bit of work to do to fix some broken links from my transfer from blogspot.. i also have to relink some of my photos from old posts.. but all new posts will go through the new address. woo hoo!

Ok.. so the good news is that I'm pumped about being a blogger again. The challenging news is that I love to make things challenging. I'm halfway through transferring my blog to Wordpress.. the challenge is that to do it right (i.e... to not lose my readers or my site rank status).. I have to actually pay attention to what I'm doing.. pah! Anyway.. Here is a link to my latest post.. I wouldn't recommend changing any of your links to my blog yet.. I'm hoping to have a domain name set up soon and then all this dumb computer crap will be a bit more stable..

My latest post -- "Thank you, Presidents".. a little bit about my weekend..

I have a goal. That goal is to get a domain name registered and establish a hosting arrangement for my blog so that I can use the much cooler interface of Wordpress without losing my account with BlogHerAds.. which has made me a whopping... $0 so far. I've almost got enough hits to make my first $25 off of ads.. so it's a shame to drop them now.. I've come so far.. At the same time..'s interface has become irritating at best.

So here goes.. it will probably take me a bit to get this transition taken care of.. but my goal will be to have my blog moved to this address ( in the near future and when the time comes that I can afford the $100 that it will cost to get my domain name set up (what a great Birthday idea.. a gift card to I will move over to a more permanent location and get the ads up and going again.

As a bit of a teaser.. I've also started a new blog that will be completely anonymous.. no photos.. no real names.. just my thoughts. It will probably be chaos and I'm not giving out the address.. :) At least not until I determine if I'm capable of posting anything more enlightening than "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy..."

In other news... let's see.. what's new? I haven't posted in a while. I guess I've hit a writing dry-spell. If it's any consolation, I haven't been taking many photographs or even watching much on TV these days.. just chugging through the winter days waiting for spring.

My health continues to be a wild ride for a 34 year old. I have stopped letting my shrink make any changes to my meds after having a string of bad reactions resulting in me going all "One flew over the cuckoo's nest". I'm finally feeling normal again and have stopped nibbling on plastic checker pieces (just kidding.. that's a mental hospital joke for those of you out of the loop.. *grin*)..

....just in time for my brain to start melting. Just call me Ms. Migraine.. i'm currently on my third migraine of the week. IRRITATING.

In other news.. Benji is doing great. He's got his tubes in and has had a string of colds and had croup and he's still managing to keep us on our toes. Last night he and I were brushing our teeth.. he does a great job. I leaned over the sink to spit and before I had a chance to react.. he dipped his toothbrush in my spit-foam and put it back in his mouth. *HEAVE* How nasty! I guess this is all a learning process and I have to start being a bit quicker on my feet!

I do have a ton of photos that I took during an impromptu trip to Cape Cod that we took this past weekend. It was heaven. It was also VERY cold.

Hope yer all well..

The person who I am closest with at my work was laid off this morning. This makes me very sad.

Link to my post last year.

It has been a year since Ben's first seizure. God that day sucked.

When I dropped Ben at daycare this morning, after having a relatively uneventful morning, one of the other parents was dropping off her two daughters. She looked a little haggard. As I was heading out, I saw her hand two ziplocks to Ruth.. one had both girl's socks.. they had both refused to wear socks. The other ziplock had one of the girl's underwear.. she had absolutely refused to wear it. I don't feel so bad for dropping Ben off with FOUR binkies...

As you can see.. I've been boycotting my own blog for a few weeks now. My "fan base" has really dropped.. you'd think people actually wanted to read some updates! Alas, I haven't really felt like blogging.. no reason in particular. I'm sure I will be inspired sometime soon and then I'll be blogging 3+ times a day.