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As you can see.. I've been boycotting my own blog for a few weeks now. My "fan base" has really dropped.. you'd think people actually wanted to read some updates! Alas, I haven't really felt like blogging.. no reason in particular. I'm sure I will be inspired sometime soon and then I'll be blogging 3+ times a day.


  1. Snickollet said...
    I miss your posts! Come back soon!
    What A Card said...
    People are so demanding! I hate how they expect me to put up new posts. Shouldn't people just read our old stuff when we don't put up something new???
    moo said...
    It's fine; I understand
    come back when you can!
    donna said...'s about time!!! i can say it because i'm your mother!!(g-ma said this to me one time---or was it more?) love your posts!! why don't you check out the christian bail song to lift your spirits or the blog on the MAX about the seven year old after the dentist (i felt so bad for him) have a good day kiddo LOVE
    misstj said...
    just as long as your alive... i was wondering if you were still dealing with toddler vomit! but if that's not the case, then whatever!!
    S said...
    Maybe you could export some more rodents to someone's place and have more exteriminator or midnight trap stories to thrill us with.


    Just another faithful reader

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