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Ok.. so when I dropped Ben off at daycare yesterday morning, everything was just fine. He was in a fine mood. No tantrums. No problem.

I get a call just before noon from Ruth saying that Ben has thrown up 3 times. Ugh! We've done the ear infection thing, the ear tubes surgery twice, even 5 seizures an EEG and a stay at Children's Hospital (not to mention several ambulance rides).. but we've never done puke. Of course, I'm not counting baby spit-up or that freaky thing that happens with a 9 month old when they think they can keep eating forever and at some point it just comes right back at you. I'm talking sick-puke.

I'm queezy just thinking about it.

I got to daycare to pick him up. All of the other kids were very excited to see me and were telling me how Ben blew chunks all over everything and how he had to get new clothes on and... they kept going on and on and on. Ben just had sick-eyes and climbed into my arms and pointed at the door and said "go?"

We stopped at the pharmacy and picked up some pedialyte and ginger ale along with a brand new pack of binkys. You need something to make you feel better when you're sick. Binkys may not fix everything.. but they sure help.

He and I proceeded to spend the afternoon and early evening sipping grape pedialyte, having some dry cheerios and some toast and watching The Incredibles and Drumline on TV. I have to say.. he loved Drumline. He was absolutely hooked to watching the marching band scenes and would clap after each performance. It was cute.

The crapper of it all was that there was a commercial for a new horror movie that kept playing at each commercial break which required me to bend myself into pretzels to shield him from the tv. Then there was the commercial for the Flirty Girl Fitness Boutique DVDs.

There's no way to describe just how horrible these commercials were.. so I'll leave you with a quick clip of their "workout dvd"... (btw.. this should be rated PG-13, although my 2 year old son saw it at every commercial break yesterday afternoon)


Anywho.. Ben is doing better today, although I know that only from checking in by phone.. I've been down to Hartford and back for work and have been on the road since about 6am. To say I'm exhausted is putting it mildly.. whew! At least it's almost the weekend!

Btw.. the daycare provider listed off about 3/4 of their kids (including her grandson) who had also come down with this stomach bug... ugh!


  1. donna said...
    btw- flirty girl fitness should be rated R- glad to hear ben's feeling better. watch out for you guys!! hope you only get one at a time!! love
    beck said...
    that's right- you were supposed to stay with me last night???? (i have been without my stupid planner for THREE WEEKS NOW). I'm lucky I can make it into WORK...
    Beck said...
    oh and um...i agree w/ Ma- s/b R...Imagine AJ's eyes if he saw that garbage. Ashley would just be annoyed and disgusted (LOL just like me).
    misstj said...
    how is it that ben and i have the same stomach bug?

    to make you laff, kids find it hilarious when mom's the one blowing chunks (not them), especially when you're driving and you pull off on the side of the road to do it!!! not one of my finer moments!
    monica said...
    just a word from a mom with a 9 and 5 year old who made the mistake of buying orange pedialyte (my 9 year old had stomach bugs a couple of times when he was 2-3 ish). Think about it -I was giving a kid who is probably going to throw up something ORANGE (or in your case purple). A kid who does not know -yet- when to run to the bathroom when he get "that feeling". I learned the hard way - buy the clear pedialyte! I think that they learn at about 5 or so. It all depends on how much experience they get with nausea....Hope he feels better! And that you guys don't catch anything from him! Good luck!
    moo said...
    poor Ben! His pitiful little "go?" just about broke my heart.
    Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...
    Poor Ben! Glad to hear he's feeling better. We had a 5 day stint with the stomach bug at the beginning of the year, it was miserable, and terribly contageous.

    I get so upset when they put inappropriate commercials on during the day - Gossip Girl, Degrassi, the crazy fitness routine I've thankfully never seen (yikes!)...
    Take care!

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