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Ok.. so the good news is that I'm pumped about being a blogger again. The challenging news is that I love to make things challenging. I'm halfway through transferring my blog to Wordpress.. the challenge is that to do it right (i.e... to not lose my readers or my site rank status).. I have to actually pay attention to what I'm doing.. pah! Anyway.. Here is a link to my latest post.. I wouldn't recommend changing any of your links to my blog yet.. I'm hoping to have a domain name set up soon and then all this dumb computer crap will be a bit more stable..

My latest post -- "Thank you, Presidents".. a little bit about my weekend..

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  1. donna said...
    o.k. i tried to leave a comment at Wordpress... i'm not sure it worked! let me know.. i loved your picture!! it's one of my favorites...along with the one of you in that white coat!! lol to you shiela and ben!!

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