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... especially on days where someone who hates talking to people has to stand up and give a lecture in front of.. well.. too many. Luckily, my talk is early in our seminar this year so I can get it out of the way.. Remind me to stop volunteering for these types of things!

In other news.. I am fully aware of how wacked my background is. beautiful baby.. but the formatting is wacked. My monitor is huge and it works fine on that computer, but I need to fix things so that the text doesn't hang over the photo. I'll hopefully get that done later when I'm trying to detox after the lecture.

Further.. I'm never going to Burger King again. I stopped for a breakfast "sandwich" this morning and put the bag onto a pad of paper on my desk for all of 5 minutes before i emptied the bag and threw it out. It left a grease stain that's approximately 2" by 4" that wept through TWELVE sheets of notepaper. That's some serious friggin grease! I'm going to have to tell them to put the trans fat back into their tater tots.. not only do they taste better, but the grease is more manageable!

Is it 3pm yet?

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  1. donna said...
    yummmm! now you know that i've been in the south too long!! at least it's not squirrels!

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