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Ok.. we've officially watched the Thomas sing-a-long TOO many times (IN A ROW!)

We're down in CT and having a nice relaxing weekend. Unfortunately, Ben has a nasty cold and is a bit of grumpy gills. To top it off he's coughing and snarfing and blowing snots everywhere and UGH.. blech.

I can't really complain though.. in the grand scheme of colds, this one has been pretty mild. No fever or anything. :)

I have nothing to blog about..

I'm TOTALLY hooked on Twilight and I just started the book yesterday. It's totally my speed.. lots of fluff, but fun fluff and anything with vampires and teens already is ahead of the bunch. I was up until 1am last night reading and then crashed only to wake up at 5am after having a dream that I was part of the story and then I couldn't remember what parts of the story I read in the book and what parts I made up in my head. I took the liberty of deleting all memories that had me going to school with the Cullins.

Other than that.. nothing really interesting today.. maybe later!

To answer a few questions from my comments:

Mom: Yeah.. Jaaym is coming to visit in December for the little dude's birthday. We're hoping for a good ol' nor'easter to show her what new england winters are like.

Tegan: I just played around with one of Ben's halloween pictures in photoshop. :)

Gio: I really need to introduce you to shiela.. remind me to tell you why. :)

Snick: Story the little dudes are sick.. Ben is too.. must have been all of those square-dancers!

Whatacard: I'll let you know as soon as I finish Twilight.. have you read all 4 books? I'm a total sucker for vampire fluff.

Jaaym: I talked to mother nature.. we're going to get 3 feet of snow while you're here.. it's going to be GREAT!

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  1. June said...
    Jennifer!!!! You can just call the weather bureau & tell them you've CHANGED YOUR MIND about the nor'easter request. One of my deceased brothers-in-law always bragged about the fact he had direct 'connections' with the weather bureau & could order-up any kind of weather...are you saying you have that connection as well? Lordy, lordy!!!! You are an onery one, but I love ya child!!!

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