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OMG Y'all.


my mom just sent me this pic from Kentucky....

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  1. Giovanna Diaries said...
    You're gonna laugh but....growing up my dad wouldn't allow any Christmas lights during the holidays. As my brother and I got older we convinced him to allow us to at least put up a "Christmas Message" in lights. It said Year1: JESUS LIVES. Year2: Happy Bday JESUS. Year3: NOEL. Year4: nothing. It took us 4 years to get us to break that man and just put up lights w/no message.
    And yeah, you know we NEVER EVER had a Christmas tree either right? That was idolitry.
    See my eyes rolling?
    If I knew you would have gotten such a kick out of that....I would have taken pictures of our window every year. Hmmmm, I wonder if I have some?.......
    What A Card said...
    Yeah, I don't think this is just a red state thing. One of my friends works part time as a cake decorator in a supermarket in NY and she said that she loses her mind around Christmas time as she has to decorate a thousand birthday cakes that say "Happy Birthday Jesus". I mean, it's one thing to put up lights, but some people take it so far as to have cake!
    donna said...
    jen - g-ma hinckley used to make a 1-2-3-4 cake each christmas with her holiday dinner. i asked what the cake was for--me being used to cookies, pies, etc.--she said it was baby jesus's birthday cake!! lol
    donna said...
    about the cellabration of lights here in shelbyville on sat. nite--on the steps of the court house---they had about 150 kids singing songs.dan and i couldn't hear what they were singing because of all the noise with the large group of people..when the kids started swaying and lifting up their arms i knew it wasn't jingle bells,silent night, or little drummer boy. donna your not in ct anymore!! lol y'all

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