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I may have to get creative to earn a MOTY (Mother of the Year) award today.. It's Monday.. I'm home with my beautiful child (who just hit me) and I was just bit in the shoulder AND the cheek by my lovely cat (don't ask how he got to my cheek)..

CRAP.. he's now eating Shiela's leaves... crap..

Ok.. I saved the dried tree leaves that my crafty wife collected for some sort of art project with Ben. The cat may get sold to gypsies today.

Anywho.. the boy is currently sitting on the couch eating pancakes (yes.. on the couch) while watching Thomas the Train. I'm blogging.

Actually.. I've been running back and forth between the little dude, who keeps making loud requests like "WA-WA" (milk) and random screeching intended to get me to fast-forward through the commercials on TV. Yeah.. not.

I guess it's time to get going for the day. It has taken me 20 minutes to write this one post.. crazy.

This is why.. as soon as I sit down.. I've been bombarded with toddler requests..

1. "MA-MA!!! guh-guh (thomas)" (during a commercial)

I finally sit back at the computer and I hear:

2. "ALL-DONE!!!" ::pause:: "MORE!!" ::pause:: "WA-WA!!"

I peek around the corner and say.. "how do you ask?" Big blue eyes stare back at me and he signs "more" and "please" and then picks up his tippy cup.

I sit back down.

3. "UH-ohhh...!" ::pause:: ::scream:: (toddler frustration after getting stuck sitting on his own sock)

I sit back down.

4. "MA-MA!!! guh-guh (thomas)" (another commercial)

Between that and the cat..

Awwww... he just signed "dance" and started doing the mexican hat dance.. there's a total reason children are cute.. :)

Crap.. he just sneezed all over the remote control.. gotta go!


  1. donna said...
    omg-- i can't stop laughing!! isn't motherhood the best job in the world!!! love
    beck said...
    i can't breathe...
    June said...
    The JOYS of being a mother!!! This is good - real good. Thanks for the funny.....
    Nancy said...
    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA whoo boy, I have tears streaming down my face. Thank you - that made my Monday. :)

    Just swung by because I'd heard about you through What a Card and Gio. Love your blog! ...I'll be back :)

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