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ha! I'm cracking up.. my mom just left a comment on my blog from earlier that started with "omg".. awesome! One of these days, she will bust out a "wtf"..

Anywho.. I redeemed my MOTY status earlier.

We got all bundled up and headed out to the park. I had stumbled across a new park recently that I wanted to check out. It even has a skate park.. my nephew will be psyched. Anyway.. It took us like a half hour to get all of our layers on and pack up the diaper bag and get down to the car and into the carseat and the correct mariachi music playing on the cd player before we finally headed out for the 5 minute drive to the park.

Just as we were getting there, a trash truck was pulling in. Now.. this wasn't the big ol' honkin garbage trucks that go around for the weekly pickup.. this was a mini-city-trash-truck. It was also bright yellow and it happened to park right next to our car.

There are few things that can catch a toddler's attention like a bright yellow trash truck. There was NO chance that I'd talk him out of checking it out completely. Funny thing was that Ben wasn't the only kid who was impressed by this wonderful (and smelly) truck.. all of the kids on the playground started cheering and pulling at their parent's/nanny's sleeves trying to go see the truck up close. I don't think I've seen that much excitement over an ice cream truck in july.

The garbage dudes were nice.. they obviously got a kick out of their hero status from the munchkin's on the playground. one of them even had a bright scarf on and put on a little "show" for all of the kids every time they smushed up a new batch of trash.


The smell that was wafting from this machine was really too much to handle. To make it worse.. the inside part of the truck that you could see (where the trash gets smushed) was well.. beYOND disgusting. I was breathing through my mouth and keeping my eyes away from the sludge while trying to sound upbeat for the little dude who was SO IMPRESSED by this event that I obviously planned for him.

All was good in his toddler world.

Until the truck left.


It just left. (after a half hour of trash shows for little kids)

Ben went nuts. Absolute meltdown. He was crushed. Sobbing. Snots everywhere. Totally no-bones.. I had to try to hold this puddle of a child and try to distract him from the rumble of the truck as it drove away (slowly.. ugh!).

Nothing worked.. after bumbling around trying to pour him into different play ground equipment.. I asked him if he wanted to go home for his nap. He looks up at me with big old alligator tears in his eyes and snot running around his binky and says "yeah.." with a little smile.

I can't exactly say that this was one of those mornings that I'll always remember fondly. Maybe someday I'll look back and think "wow.. those were the days". Right now I'm just trying to forget the smell of that truck and empty all of the tissues out of my pockets so that we'll have a fresh start when naptime is over.

That said.. it's naptime and I'm going to knock back another chapter of Twilight. I'm still loving the story and characters, but I'm a little nervous about it all. I've been reading it since Saturday and both Saturday night and Sunday night I woke up having nightmares. That's pretty new for me.. the dreams aren't like horrible horrible.. but just a little wacked and enough for me to wake up less than rested. Go figure... maybe I should take a nap instead of reading...

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  1. donna said...
    jen! i just figured out what (wtf) means...i'll leave that one for beck or amy to use...for now... haha!
    i wonder if the trash truck reminded the kids of Bob the Builder? isn't there a yellow truck on that show? it's been a while (one year) since daycare!!

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