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First of all.. the term "organic egg" sounds funny to me. It reminds me of a baby onesie that I saw at Whole Foods once that said "Organically Grown".

Ok.. that aside. I was getting the big guy ready for school today and while I was packing his lunch/snacks into his Thomas backpack, I cracked an organic egg into a plastic dish that I had shot with cooking spray.. stirred it up.. and tossed it into the microwave for a minute.

As I was watching the plastic dish spin around on the microwave tray, I began cursing myself. How many things were wrong with that equation. First of all.. if i'm going to spend the extra cash on buying organic foods.. shouldn't I take the time to actually cook them?

Now.. i've already bought into all the hype about plastics and have myself convinced that my infertility stems from growing up in the 70's and 80's when even clothes were synthetic. I normally don't microwave anything in a plastic dish. This morning I was pressed for time and thought "what the hell.. what are a few extra BPA's".

When I use cooking spray.. all I can think of is the commercial with the lady that starts listing off all of the chemicals she used to bake a nice dish of brownies.

Then of course.. there is the microwave. I started thinking.. ok.. one thing that I know I believe is that you're not supposed to microwave breast milk. You'll lose the nutrients.. or some of them.. or something. Google it. Anyway.. i remember reading this over and over again when I was pregnant. Good thing I did, too.. that information came in handy.. not.

Anyway.. I then started thinking.. what does a microwave do to the chemical composition of an egg (any egg, although the one I was speaking of was organic and cost about 320% more than a regular egg)?

I got to work and googled it. While I can't find an answer to that question.. that in itself is my answer. There are a few sites that rant on about how microwaves are killing us and sound quite similar to my uncle talking about the dangers of drinking Coke. Other than that.. nothing. Whew..


  1. 5W said...
    well .. i cannot, in good faith, buy eggs that don't assure me that the chicken was able to walk around and pick a place to lay it all by herself and had decent feed to boot. i'd raise our own if we could get away with having them on our back porch!
    *cluck* *cluck*
    What A Card said...
    Mmmm, microwaved egg. Wait, how to you get your little guy to eat eggs???

    I left you a meme/award over on my along if you'd like!

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