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My mom says I should quit my day job cuz I'm a rockin' blogger. Hmmm.. I'm getting there. I have made a whopping $3.47 now off of the advertising that I have on my page and I've been improving my hit count.

Funny thing is that, aside from my bud Snick linking to me (hey snick.. how many times do giovanna and i have to pick on you before you write a story about what good friends the two of us are.. do you have ANY idea what one day of getting a portion of your hit count would do for our checkbooks? Giovanna would finally be able to get that Coach bag she's been eyeing...).. i digress. Aside from certain popular friends writing articles for CNN about how cool her friends are and providing very prominant links to their websites (why not just change your header to a big link to my site.. seriously.. it would work).. aside from that.. I'm relying on word of mouth and some random google searchers to build my viewing audience.

For example.. I linked to Palin Bingo yesterday.. my hit count JUMPED. I'm going to start writing about Palin and see if I can capitalize off of this whole election thing. Not. There are a few too many political blogs out there in the first place.

As an aside.. I have a new point-and-shoot camera in my possession. I'm very proud and pleased of myself. I'll post a picture of the camera later.. or maybe a picture of me taking a picture of the camera. Or maybe a photo from my new camera of my old camera. Maybe...

How 'bout that Maverick! *wink*


  1. Goddess in Progress said...
    Not just a maverick... a team of mavericks!

    So, what do you call multiple mavericks? A gaggle? A hoarde? A swarm? :-)
    Giovanna Diaries said...
    Oh My Lord!
    Shut up and color me hysterically laughing on the floor!
    I was soooo gonna write a post like that .... but I guess you're more SHAMELESS than me :)
    AND.....I'm so not going to get a Coach Bag. I'm over that! I want a new camera too! Hey, we can write it off as "blogging expenses".
    Giovanna Diaries said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Giovanna Diaries said...
    OHHH and don't forget....We need her to do it on a Monday so we get the benefit of the whole week! Weekends we're nonexistant!
    Giovanna Diaries said...
    Why does my pix look like I'm frowning? I really am smiling...or at the very least smirking.
    Snickollet said...
    Ladies, ladies :).

    I am working on a plot involving two of my bestest friends and all of the amazing things they have done to help me out.

    Stay tuned for further developments.
    Giovanna Diaries said...
    Holy Crap!
    Ummm, I nervous. What have I done? Ehh, she must be talking about someone else.
    We're just teasing :)
    We're shameless! TMAAB, we are sooo shameless!
    Jen said...
    I'm cracking up here.
    What A Card said...
    You guys are too funny! You should write a story incorporating "a pint's a pound". I get hits for that multiple times a day. I have no idea why.

    Apple Peach Blueberry pie is my other big google search hit.

    Hee, you don't even have to write an entry about it...I think google searches the comments section. But anyone who ends up here thanks to a google search is going to have to click over to my blog ;)

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