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I know that our President has had a busy schedule these days.. oh with the Russia/Georgia issue and the Olympics.. but I wonder if he'd take my call..

I have to do some more digging, but it seems that I'm related to the Bush family. How mortifying is that? It seems that I share a link to the President and to the fellow who shot President Reagan.. we're all descended from Thomas Hinckley (born 19 Mar 1619, Hawkhurst, Kent, England; died 25 Apr 1706, Barnstable, MA) who was Governor of Plymouth Colony from 1658-1681.

Funny thing is that I'm pretty sure that I'm related to Robert E. Lee too (you know.. the dude who lost the Civil War). This isn't doing much for my self esteem!

Edited to add: Well it just gets deeper. Obama is also a descendant of Thomas Hinckley.


  1. Giovanna said...
    now it all makes sense!
    What A Card said...
    Hey, Obama is a relative of Robert E. Lee, I believe. Also Brad Pitt, which is WAY cooler. So wait, does that mean *YOU'RE* related to Brad Pitt???
    misstj said...
    well, now the world is going down hill! obama related to REL? and you??? not sure i can vote for him anymore!! :-P
    Anonymous said...
    I used to blame your medical problems on your father...but now I can't let him shoulder all of the worlds' i'll take over the responsibility of your illnesses!!! You said Obama? Not too shabby-- Brad Pit- Cool
    Hey wasn't Robert E. Lee on my side of the family! WAIT I may shift it back to Richard!!

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