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Ok.. so Kid Rock is just genius in so many ways. Musically, lyrically.. heck.. he was one of the dozen selected to be filmed in videos with Pamela Anderson.. ok.. I digress.

I heard this song on the radio yesterday after just having stood on ground that used to be considered "the most dangerous city block in the country". It's not the best area right now, but it IS the site of a brand new school building. Anyway.. the song hit me as being profound and when I listen to it again I realize that it's another case of a straight talker like Kid Rock or Eminem just saying it how it they see it and I find that more times than not.. I tend to agree.

Now go smoke funny things and sing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long!!!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    For one thing i dont smoke any more but it does sound tempting...
    In 1989, Amy was a one year old so I was singing baa baa black sheep and farmer in the dell! So I
    really enjoyed rocking to the song today! LOVE

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