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So.. it shouldn't be a surprise to most of you who know me that I'm easily amused and easily distracted.. what.. wait.. look at the kitty! just kidding.

Ok.. so if you google "Benji and Shiela" just like that.. including the word "and".. my blog will come up as the #1 hit on google! I rock! Of course.. how many people are googling "Benji and Shiela".. especially with Jood's name spelled right, but wrong.. "i" before "e" except after "c"..

In other news.. you'll see that I caved and added some Ads. Irritating, yes.. but I promise I won't do more than just the side banner. no scrolling ads or "hit skip to continue" blackouts or even worse.. *gasp*.. pop-ups. I figured that it couldn't hurt. It's not the best way to make a dime.. but a dime is a dime.. so click away, my friends. Given the random things I tend to talk about.. the items in the Ad list could be quite wacky.


  1. moo said...
    I keep thinking about ads on my site ... but my page loads up so slow as it is, I can't imagine doing it anytime soon.
    Anonymous said...
    you get PAID!!!!! Hey wait... I need a part time job this may be it!!!! LOVE

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