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Ok.. two unrelated topics.

My dad's surgery went fine yesterday and after spending about a half hour trying to track down SOMEONE in the hospital to tell me he wasn't dead.. I finally talked to his nurse and then talked to him. He was still a bit groggy, but said that the doctor said the surgery went fine and the circulation to his leg had returned as they had hoped. He's in for a bit of recovery time.. but hopefully it will be smooth sailing.

Now on to cool ass doors. For those that don't know (I think Shiela may be the only one aside from Ben that knows this little tidbit).. I absolutely LOVE doors. I don't know why. I love them in general.. opening .. closing.. knocking.. they are just brilliant. I also love taking photos (if you couldn't tell from the 5000+ photos of Benjamin that I took during his first year). I can't say I'm good at it.. or that I have the right equipment (such a hard thing for a "Gear Slut" -- as my sister calls me -- to admit).. but I still take pictures of doors. The picture below was taken downtown in Boston. It was a side mechanical/electrical room door to an old mill building.. the base of the door frame was about 4 feet off the ground.. which explains the weird perspective (i.e. looking up at a door). It was friggin cool. One of these days I will start a blog devoted entirely to cool ass doors. I'm not sure if there is a reader-niche for that sorta thing.. but who cares. Without further ado.. here is the CAD (cool ass door)...


  1. moo said...
    I like the way doors look, but I admit I never go "looking" for cool doors.

    Glad your dad's surgery went well!
    Anonymous said...
    Doors.. Jen another side of you I didn't know was there! Doors are great!! I like the stories that they tell of what might be on the other side!
    Tell your dad to stop smoking or he'll be back in for more surgery!!

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