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I got a very nice note from one of my new readers. I tend to follow up on those types of things by checking out their blog. I found this video clip that just made me smile and I wanted to share. Life at our house has been all about dancing lately.. Benjamin just can't dance enough. In fact, we let him stay up to watch the finale of SYTYCD last night and he danced with a number of the acts and laughed and laughed.. the best sound in the world. Hope you enjoy this video and if you get the chance, check out my new "blog-friend"s site, Life At Number 14.


  1. June said...
    Jenn: Thank you for sharing this blog...I enjoyed the dancing...the fella in the middle seems to be in every dance 'shot' he had fun! I can just see my grandson dancing around...pleez hug my 'angel boy' for me. I absolutely LOVE reading all about what's happening in the family. Love the 'CAD's you posted!! Again, Thanks!
    Anonymous said...
    Makes me want to dance! Shows me we are all the same except for maybe North Korea! Keep dancing BEN-- music is in your soul!! LOVE

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