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my dad is going in for surgery to clear a blockage in a main artery in his leg (i think that's the correct terminology). he had been suffering with a lot of numbness and pain and had a string of tests and found that he had very little (or no) circulation through his leg. The blockage is just behind his knee. i'm not exactly sure what to think.

Anyway.. my dad is where I get my social anxiety issues from.. if I'm going to subscribe to the "it's all your parent's fault" theories.. :) In general, he doesn't tell us about things.. DEFINITELY not health related things. I think that most of this is trying to protect us from things that are hard to think about. Hell.. he didn't even tell me when my grandfather died.

Anyway, he emailed me to let me know about this.. the fact that he mentioned it says that it's more serious than he's making it out to be just because well.. he said something. I knew something was up because he looked like he was in a lot of pain when I saw him a few weeks ago at my niece's birthday party. I never equated it to cardiac issues since it was his leg and to my knowledge he had no prior history and is in good health (but again.. i wouldn't know otherwise). When he told my sister, she grilled him a bit for more information but he just sort of clammed up. We don't even know what hospital he's going to be in (it will be one of the hospitals in Hartford, I assume). I'm going to call him tonight.. we rarely talk on the phone, but part of me is worried that this is more serious than he is making it out to be and i'm worried.

I know everyone has a lot on their minds these days.. but if you have the energy to send a prayer or a positive thought in his direction.. i would appreciate it.

Dad.. if you read this.. hopefully when you're home recovering from the surgery eating healthy snacks (and maybe a frozen snickers bar or two) and watching the Discovery Channel and the Food Network... I just wanted to say that I love you and I hope tomorrow goes well and your recovery goes better. You should start a blog.. then you could take pictures and post them.. I'm world renowned for posting surgery and hospital photos on my blog.


  1. Anonymous said...
    he's on my mind, too, sweetie... lty - joodah
    moo said...
    I hope your dad has a quick and easy recovery!
    Anonymous said...
    Sounds like the same thing that Mr Chris had. the doctor warned him to stop smoking, drinking and to change his diet. he had the last time i talked to him. it is a hard change!

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