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Hi all..

Well.. the work saga continued today. I spoke with the ultra-mega boss for about an hour this morning (he's also a good friend), and then he spoke to my immediate supervisor (said bossman that triggered a panic attack of epic proportions last week) for another hour. Then the three of us sat down to come up with a "plan"

I won't go into specifics, because that's against my "blog rules".. but I will say that I feel a thousand times better right now than I did this morning. I also feel positive that change may happen. I am proud of myself that I was honest and yet stood my ground and at one point even put my fist down on the table (not hard) and said "dammit.. i'm GOOD at my job.. i refuse to be made to feel like i'm not respected." i think i may have said that twice. Anyway.. i'm absolutely exhausted.. I don't like people enough to have confrontation for 3 hours straight.. but at least that is over and we can move forward. Hopefully things will change. *cross fingers*

In funnier news.. my lovely wife, Joodah (isn't that a cute nickname.. sorta like "honeypie" or "snookums"), continues to be a trooper.. when she's awake. I woke up at about 4am (again) in full panic mode. I was worrying about work (surprise). I wanted her to comfort me and tell me that I'm ok and that we're ok and that "it's" ok. I didn't want to wake her though, because.. well.. it was 4am. She also rode her bike to work yesterday and did yoga last night.. at one point, earlier on.. she was laying with her hands sticking up and when i tried to get her to lay them down she said "noooo.. they hurt". So i opted to let her sleep.

SO.. I was still in need of some comforting.. so I reached out and held her hand. She promptly grumbled some nonsensical words and pulled her hand away. I chuckled.. but still was feeling clingy. So I put my arm under her arm. She promptly shrugged it off and said "cheese". I'm really not sure what that was in reference to. I finally settled for laying down as close to her as I could manage without actually physically touching her. I was just about asleep when she rolled over and told me that I was crowding her. We need to work on the crowding/cuddling concept i think!

Since the physical snuggling didn't work.. I opted for some subconscious snuggle time. I had some weird ass dreams about random thing including shiela and i at a band concert (some school function for someone i don't know if i know) and we had obstructed view seats.. there was a great big wall in front of us and we couldn't see anything at all. That's ok.. I just put my head on her shoulder and relaxed (there's the hidden snuggle). That was about when she woke me up saying "it's 7:30.. get up". URGH!

The morning was a bit crazy. When I get ben ready for daycare, I do things like microwave an egg, toast a waffle, throw some jars of things into his bag.. normal "throw it together and try to hit all the food groups" kinda organization. Shiela put water on to make him pasta. pasta.

As we were getting ready to leave the house, I was looking for my cell phone (which is back in my possession, btw.. i had left it at Bertucci's).. and picked up the house phone to call it. The ring sounded and I started searching.. it sounded like it was coming from the couch.. but by the time i got to the couch it sounded like it was coming from the rocker.. but by the time i got to the rocker it sounded like it was coming from ben's toy boys.. but by the time i got to the toybox i noticed that shiela was practically falling over from fits of hysterical laughter. It was in my right front pants pocket.. so I was looping the room always thinking that it was sounding like it was just off to the right a bit.

I should write all this down.. wait.. i am.

Ok.. so last funny (at least to me) tidbit from this morning.. I was listing off my dreams from last night to Shiela and one of them was that we were stuck in line at a high school cafeteria.. and they had NO FOOD. well.. no food that i would consider edible. lots of pasta with stuff like pesto on it. This may not seem funny to you.. but I have a tendency to have "work stress" dreams that revolve around high school. If i'm stressed at work.. suddenly I start dreaming that I'm in high school and I can't remember my class schedule.. or locker combination.. etc. The cafeteria line was a new one for my repertoire.

I'll leave you with a pic of Ben from last night wearing his brand new bike helmet and brand new sneakers (size 7 extra-wide)..

And one of a minor bike incident... I know.. bad Mommy.. I just had to take the picture! By the time I got over to him he was already back up on the bike and laughing.


  1. moo said...
    The picture of him fallen over makes me giggle.

    I'm glad you were feeling better! There is NO REASON for work to not respect you ... glad you stood up for yourself!
    Kerrie said...
    Hello Jen...

    I came across your blog via another (Snick's) and have really enjoyed reading. Your darling little son is just delightful...I enjoyed reading his birth & coming home very blessed you all are.

    I'll be back & stay in touch with your lives, hope that's okay.


    misstj said...
    yikes.... i'm crying about your dad, laughing at the cell phone (SO ME!!), proud of you for the stressful meeting, and loving the photos of Ben. Don't worry, stopping to take a pic first will make him stronger (at least that's what I tell myself, every time I do it!!) *hugs*

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