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Shiela just sent this message to my phone...

She and Ben are at "the res" (local reservoir).. they sounded like they were having a blast when I last spoke with them.. Ben was "swimming" (i.e. floating around on his belly and trying to drink the entire lake). Mom-days with Ben are the best.

Meanwhile I'm slaving away and didn't even know who got voted off of SYTYCD until just minutes ago when Snickollet reminded me.. sheesh! I have to get my priorities in order!

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  1. June said...
    You two moms are having waaaay too much fun raising this child! I'm missing so much of his life, but I'm so thankful for the blog that you keep updated, Jenn. It makes the 'pain' of being so far away a little easier to bear. I hope the rest of the week goes well for all of you. Love you - Jaaym

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