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I'm happy to report that Ben's appointment with his ENT (Ear Nose Throat Doc) went great. Both of his ear tubes ARE out. They typically last for 6 months to 2 years and his doctor said that it is very rare for them to pop out this soon (he has had them for about 4 months), but that it does happen and it could be because of a rapid growth spurt or something like that. His ear drums have healed -- so there is no perforation in them at this point and we do not have to worry about him getting his ears wet for the near future (YAY.. no ear plugs!!!). He has no infection at this time and no fluid in his middle ear. The doctor said that he saw no reason to jump right into replacing the tubes. We will wait and see how the coming months go, especially as "cold season" starts (isn't it ALWAYS "cold season" at daycare?) in the fall. If his infections start back up again.. he will probably go in for a second surgery to insert a new round of tubes. We're going to cross our fingers that he has out grown the problem!

Both tubes are currently still stuck in his ear canal and the doctor didn't want to put Ben through the discomfort of going after them (that area of the ear canal is very sensitive). They will fall out by themselves at some point.


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