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Wii Fit

By a landslide.. my sister, Amy, comes through for her favorite older sister! This morning at 10AM, Amy was standing outside BestBuy ready to snatch up a brand new Wii Fit for her VERY gracious sister!

I'm friggin PSYCHED. This was after sending my mother on a wild goose chase yesterday afternoon when she (said mother) combed the greater Louisville area for Wii Fit games.

So I'm now the proud owner of a Wii Fit!!! YAY.

The downfall. It is in Connecticut and gas costs $4.15/gallon. Is it worth the cost of the game to drive to CT to pick it up? *gasp* How am I going to wait?!?!?!


  1. Snickollet said...

    I still don't even have my Wii, much less my Fit.

    Dude, when you get your hands on that thing, the twins and I are moving in for a while. Heh.
    June said...
    I agree w/snickolett...I'm moving in PERMANENTLY!!! Ha, Ha. And, Snickolett, I don't have a Wii either - my NEXT REQUEST from hubby...I'm still convincing him I NEED this contraption for exercise. Anyway, Jennifer---you ENJOY that WiiFit for me as well. Your weight loss puts me to shame, but I'm so thankful for the 7.4 lbs I lost while visiting last month. Give my 'angel boy' a hug & kiss. Golly!! I miss seeing everyone!
    Anonymous said...
    What A Card said...
    Oh fun! I want to have a big wii fit game night some time. Now I want to pull out my wii fit instead of mowing the lawn.

    Yes, it's definitely worth the price of gas to head down to CT. It'll be a fun road trip!

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