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Hi all..

It's Monday.

Note to self: Riding on a teeter-totter as a 34 year old is not advisable. Picture to follow later tonight... check back.. it's not too often you get to see me on a teeter-totter.

The good news: Aside from spending most of Sunday in pain and flat on my back.. I seem to be doing better today.

The bad news: I'm getting my Wii Fit tonight as my favorite sister of the week is bringing it up to MA for me.. YAY. Bad news - My back is still thrown out so I'll have to be careful.

Warning: I have this horrible feeling that I'm going to not only videotape myself playing the Hula-hoop mini-game on the Fit.. but that I'm going to post it on my blog. Cover your eyes!

Mom.... this is a test of the emergency blogging system. So far you've managed to comment twice and have neither comment show up on my blog... This likely means that you're skipping a step or some other major mistake that would be hysterical if I had any clue how you could mess up leaving a comment on a blog. Even beck can do it! (of course.. she just leaves one word comments as "Anonymous" with no signature.. but i can tell it is her.. she just emotes personality in her writing... ESPECIALLY WHEN SHE TYPES IN ALL CAPS). Ok.. click on the "comments" link below this message.. it should bring you to another screen that has a little window on it. Type a comment.. given that this has backfired twice.. maybe you should just type "test" and see if that works before really pouring your soul into it. Then you'll see a garbled up mix of letters/numbers. Type what you see in the box.. this is to make sure that real humans are commenting on my blog. For the most part.. this works.. although it also seems to filter out comments from mothers. Then type in your google username (donna.illick) and your password and then click on whatever the "submit" button is (it may say "comment" or "publish" or something like that.. i can't remember). It should then reload the page and your comment should show up.. if it doesn't.. then you need to call Geek Squad because I officially give up. Or maybe you can just call June... she figured it out somehow and even has a username..

ok... back to our regularly scheduled program...


  1. Snickollet said...
    Sorry about your back! Ugh. I meant to call you on Sunday and then all of a sudden, Sunday was over. ??? We didn't even really do anything! Huh.

    I can't wait to see you do the hula-hoop LIVE IN PERSON. I remain totally jealous of your Wii Fit. Still trying to get my hands on a Wii. I could get one, but only bundled with dumb games I don't want.
    The Kappels said...
    i can 'train' your mom to do it. but i cost $80 an hour plus you'd have to fly me in, so maybe not worth it yet!

    sorry about the back! your email, i sent ya a note and i need info!
    Anonymous said...
    so- if i can remember ALL the directions-i know i can comment on the blogs!!! oh, by the way, i did fill in most of the info yesterday - but after i typed in the word verification i also clicked on the handicapped picture and heard a voice talking to me--WELL-- that was the end of that try!! amy revisited!!! love
    Anonymous said...
    Thanks to kappels for the offer to help Jen's MOM--i finally did it!!!
    Beck said...
    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA....Now that mom is using anonymous- i had to officialy create a username.....

    something I KNOW I can do- it simply takes reading some directions- which- a trait i picked up from my mother- I hate to do...well HERE I AM....emitting emotion. ha ha ha ha that is the funniest thing i've read- and I think Shiel needs to create her own blog too....i'm still laughing over the thanksgiving email...jeez.

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