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My fiends WhataCard and Gio have shown me a new way to procrastinate...

Your Response is: Flight

You rather leave then deal with a dangerous or uncomfortable situation.

You can't deal with too much drama or stress. It's really hard for you to cope.

You are easily scared, freaked out, or intimidated.

And while it's good to be prudent, not everything may be as freaky as it seems!


  1. moo said...
    I don't even have to take the quiz to know I HATE confrontations and would happily let things get to the point of no return while LA LA LA ignoring my responsibilities.

    What A Card said...
    Oh, we're fiends, are we?

    I took a "Who's your 80's hunk" test and got Bill Gates. Probably true, but still too sad to make it up onto my blog!

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