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ok... so being a mom is a learning process. one thing that i have a fundamental stumbling block set up over is the fact that we need to put ear plugs in ben's ears when he swims/plays in water and it has to be in his right ear when he bathes. That said.. i dropped him off at daycare today with a swim diaper.. but no ear plugs. in fact.. they do not even know that he wears them.

We also played over at Snickollet's last night and the kids were swimming in the baby pool.. granted ben doesn't submerge his head yet.. but he still needs to wear the plugs.

where are the plugs?

they are under the fishtank.

i'm not sure why.


No Plugs:


  1. Giovanna said...
    Was that Ben in a 'wife-beater'? How adorable!!!
    Anonymous said...
    I was thinking the same thing- benny in a wife beater???

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