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Seriously... I may need to talk to my therapist about this.


  1. Giovanna said...
    Don't feel bad. Mine was an elementary school level too!
    Hope that doesn't make you feel worse!
    Anonymous said...
    um- well i don't know what it means and can't figure it i think you guys are light years ahead of me.....
    I have to comment as anonymous because well a. i don't have the time to figure out how to create a blog, b. even if i WAS able to CREATE it without CALLING my SISTER for an HOUR for her to help me set it up.....I would never update it or C. if I COULD update it- it would probably NOT be G or PG rated as I am QUITE MOODY most of the time (see previous comment about mother taking away my TWO binks when said sister was born....)....So maybe I should see YOUR therapist- as mine is not working out. LOL
    What A Card said...
    Nice. I have a "What Jane Austen Character are you" quiz up now, which isn't quite as insulting. I mean, Mrs. Bennet isn't even a choice, which was my greatest fear!

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