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Yesterday Ben and I took extended morning naps.. and while we were sleeping Shiela started some painting for his room. When he woke up he was pretty much a bear for a good chunk of the day until we got some Motrin into him (Teething Hell.. totally different topic).. then he wanted to paint too. So paint he did.

Edited 4/9: Pictures finally added!

Edited (4/10) to add: Yes.. Ben is wearing a t-shirt that says "Phat Boyz" on the front. I intentionally purchased two oversized t-shirts for like $0.50 each at the mother of twins sale for "art time".. so I wasn't very picky about what was on the front of them.

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  1. The Kappels said...
    did you know you can finger paint with vanilla pudding? put it into seperate containers to make different colors and then it doesn't matter if they eat it! and it paints and dries just like regular stuff! and you can eat the leftovers! =)

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