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It's 7:30am. I've already showered, gotten dressed, gotten ben's lunch together for school... and I'm watching the news ON TV. I typically "watch" my news online because I'm NEVER up early enough to sit on the couch and turn the TV on unless it's to put Thomas the Tank Engine on to keep Ben's head from popping off while i'm getting ready in the morning.

The typical morning routine involves me snoozing my alarm long enough for Ben to wake up.. then the struggle to either take a shower while Ben is still playing in his crib or throwing him in his pack n play in front of the TV while I shower and dress. At some point he starts screaming because I'm not paying close enough attention to him. I then release him from "jail" and he trucks around with every intent of either getting into the kitty litter, splashing in the cat's water or the toilet water, yelling at me "nah!" when I'm in the kitchen where he can't see me while I'm throwing random items into his bag hoping that he'll eat some of it that day at school.

He's still snoozing right now.. the cat is sitting in the window watching the cars go by. I'm uploading photos from our evening of finger-painting last night. I've had a granola bar with some peanut butter on it and almost tried a fruit strip of ben's until I saw that it had 8 carbs and was the size of a stick of gum. Not cool for a diabetic.. i'd rather save those 8 carbs for some ice cream later..

I feel good this morning.. I hope work doesn't bust my mood.


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