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So after a two week hiatus, I'm back on the lizard spit (i.e. Byetta). My endocrinologist suggested we give it a two month shot at a higher dosage and if I don't see any additional results, then we'll give it the boot. My sugar levels are currently well controlled with the oral med that i'm on, but we added Byetta to the mix because studies have shown that it can push along weight loss for PCOSers (that would be me). I didn't noticed any difference aside from feeling like crap for a month.

So I'm two injections into it.. and i'm pretty sure I just injected air yesterday because I forgot about "priming" a new injection pen. I've had a granola bar and i'm feel pretty rank.. the main function of this stuff is to slow your system down so food doesn't empty out of your stomach as quickly as it normally would. well.. as a result.. that granola bar I ate a half hour ago is sitting there churning.

*cross fingers*.. hope this will help! otherwise i apologize to all of those i get cranky around because my stomach is feeling blech.


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