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Here is a picture of Ben walking into the salon.. it's not like we go there that often, but they all know us and he makes himself right at home.


The little guy wasn't so sure what we were doing when we sat in the chair in front of the big mirror and was less sure when Cassie put a cape around his neck. We hadn't gotten the stamp of approval on this activity yet -- you can tell by the look on his face!

To make the experience stranger, Cassie then wet Ben's hair down using a spray bottle. Unlike my mother, we only use these for getting the cats to stop scratching the furniture.. the water was warm through.. and it felt sorta good. Ben wasn't afraid of the water.. but he was keeping a close eye on Cassie.

Once the haircut started, Ben was SUCH a good boy. Cassie was able to trim his hair and aside from him occasionally trying to turn around to watch her and one time when she almost snipped her finger instead of his hair.. it was a fairly painless experience!

We brought a ziplock baggie and probably managed to save about 80% of his beautiful red curls that were snipped. We were worried that his curl would go away, but he's got so much wave still and his hair is just as bright short as it was when it was longer.

Once we were finished, Benjamin was finally able to talk to Cassie and even got to brush her hair.

Here is a pic of Ben and Mommy.. too bad we were standing in front of the window.. you can't really get a good view of his hair. My grey hair stands out nice and bright though.. wonderful.

Here are two pictures we took back at home showing Benjamin's first haircut. We didn't go with a short buzz cut.. just a nice short clean cut.. it looks great and he looks so grown up! We celebrated by also buying him his first pair of real shoes at stride rite.. i'll blog about THAT tomorrow!


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