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Last night, the three of us hit the mall with our tax return in our pocket. Actually.. we were very controlled. We picked up a backpack carrier for both of us to be able to carry Ben as the weather gets warmer. I was so proud of Shiela.. when she moved here she would have pushed me to go to Target to get whatever the $39.99 backpack carrier was. Instead, we ended up at Wild Child, which is a yuppy clothing children's store in Arlington and while Ben and I stayed in the car, Shiela was supposed to go in and get the carrier that was one step above the one we had tried on a few weeks ago. She came out with a grin and said that I'd be so proud.. she got the one that was TWO steps above.. she said it was incredibly comfortable and very adjustable, so we'd both be able to use it and it would grow with Ben (although if he keeps growing the way he is.. soon he'll be carrying us.)

Soooo... after this endeavor, we went to Brigham's for dinner and then browsed the Burlington Mall for a while. We wound up at Stride Rite at some point. Ben has been wearing his Robeez for as long as he has been in "shoes" (the Robeez have a soft leather sole). Since he's just starting to walk, we figured it was time to transfer from the "pre-walker" shoes to a pair of the ultra-flexible sole "just-walking" shoes. Given that the kid has my feet.. we can't buy shoes at places like Target or Sears.. nope.. gotta go for the stores that sell the extra WIDE...

He was a trooper.. he stood on the little foot measurer do-hickey and it turns out that his right foot is a size 5WW and his left foot is a size 6WW... just like Mommy. My left foot has always been at least a half size larger than my right.

Benjaraptor is sleeping right now.. so I'll have to get a pic of him wearing his shoes later on.. but for now.. here's a comparison to my shoes... too funny.. My guess is that someday the ratio of shoe sizes will be reversed.


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