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This is still a PERFECTLY good T-Shirt.

One would think.. I live in Boston.. I can pick up another Boston Hard Rock T anytime.. but it's not the same. This one is "broken in". It's not like a wear it in public or anything and it covers all my important parts.

Since I've lived in Boston for about 8 years.. I could tell you that the shirt was bought during that time. It would be a lie though -- I actually bought it when I was in High School during a Jazz Band trip to Berklee... so that would be somewhere between 1988 and 1992. Maybe it's time for a lunch at the Hard Rock...

OMG.. Ty just ate a goldfish cracker that Ben dropped on the floor (as you can see.. I'm blogging while Ben is sleeping and Shiela is grocery shopping.. what I SHOULD be doing is picking up the goldfish crackers on the floor.. yeah.. why do that when he'll just eat them later.. :)

In other news.. the stupid cat just woke the baby up... URGH! So much for a 2 hour nap...


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