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So.. we're like normal parents in the 21st Century.. we've made our own baby food, we thought about using cloth diapers, we have a UPromise account set up, we have no fewer than 4 types of strollers, Benjamin's toys have taken over our living room, but 90% of those toys are educational in some way (for example: the hotwheels cars have helped us teach him how NOT to play with the cats)... we believe in a modified CIO (Cry-It-Out) sleep "method", we use terms like "sleep method", we go organic when reasonable, we have him in a bilingual daycare so he understand both english and spanish at just 14 mos old.. He also can use sign language quite well now. We limit his TV time, but he really could care less about TV unless there is some song on.

Which brings me to the topic of the blog. Like many Generation X'ers, we have Guitar Hero III.. and while we rarely have time to play it (i.e. my 8 year old nephew can whoop the pants off of me on expert mode while flying through the air doing twists and flips and i'm just trying to figure out how to get my hand to move to hit the orange button without completely throwing off the rest of the song).

Anyway.. Ben likes it. He can't play it yet, but he likes helping us play it and since we're currently borrowing a friend's earlier version of the game with the PS2 controllers, we have an extra guitar that he can play with when we really want to be able to have a chance at getting through the song.

Here are some pics from last night:


  1. Snickollet said...
    OMG, I love it. Hilarious! And those PJs are the bomb.
    Anonymous said...
    Jennifer: OMG!!!! I've been sitting here entertained for AT LEAST 2 1/2 hrs...I LOVE this blogspot....I enjoy ALL the pictures. Just now gave Aunt Judy the address so she can log into it & see how our little man (angel boy) has grown. I'm sooooo anxious to see the three of you....can hardly wait!!! Wish I could bring Bryan w/me for a short visit, he just eats his heart out every time I mention Ben...says he only got to spend 30 min. w/you guys when you were here in Sept. Love you bunches!!!!

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