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Ben went to bed at about 8:45pm tonight. He was quiet. He wasn't asleep. We let him talk to his stuffed animals with the hope that he'd settle himself down. This rarely happens once he's up and talking because he tends to throw his Binky out of the crib, which he knows will get us in there once he starts crying because he can't get it back.

Tonite, at about 9:15, Shiela went in to check on him.. he was just starting to fuss. She went to find his Binky. Having trouble.. she turned on the overhead light and ended up pulling his crib away from the wall. This is what she found:


We have an official Binky addict on our hands. We probably own over 20 Binkys and have purchased easily over 50 during the 14 months that Ben has been in our lives. He likes one particular brand (Playtex Binky). There have been times where we haven't been able to find any and have had to make an emergency run to Walgreens at 9pm to get a new pack of Binks.

It was like finding gold. Ben saw all the binks and immediately burst into tears when Shiela left to go into the bathroom to wash them off.


When she came back.. she had all of the binks.. all nice and clean.. and held them out for him to choose. he thought this was the funniest thing ever and laughed and laughed and made all sorts of funny faces:





He finally settled on one... two.. and then a third. His Aunti Becky had 2 binks on hand all of the time when she was little... I think he may have her beat...



We may need to stage an intervention at some point...

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  1. Snickollet said...
    Your child is so freakin' cute!

    And he and Maddie share the Binky love. She's an addict, too.

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