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To my recollection.. there was no real reason behind this meltdown. There just comes a time each night (and occasionally during the day or at a nice restaurant) when our content, thoughtful, quiet son who can keep himself busy for an hour playing with two megablox turns into this raging red-headed monster who wings hotwheels cars at the cats, bites his moms, and generally has his "i'm so pissed off you're lucky i don't know any of those words that you guys say under your breath when the cats are bad".

This first picture shows the internal build-up.. he's thinking about what he's upset about. Given that the cat is right there.. THAT may have something to do with it.. but chances are it's just a random "i'm mad" moment.


He finally lets it go.. the situation escalates exponentially as I take pictures instead of going to soothe him (while ducking from little metal devices of torture - hotwheels cars).


I once threatened to throw my mother into a trashcan. It was the worst thing I could think of at the time. I imagine that my face looked a bit like this:



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