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Today.. for the first time in the 50 weeks since Ben started daycare (not that I'm counting.. $$$$... *grin*... he cried when I left. I had gotten there early and had some alone time with the provider and Ben and played for a bit.. but as time tends to do.. it went by quickly and I soon needed to leave if I was going to have any chance of being to work on time. Ben had been playing with the toys and walking around laughing, but as soon as I stood up he raced over to me and wanted me to pick him up. I did.. gave him a big hug and kiss.. but then had to let Ruth try to redirect him so that I could get out the door. When I closed the door, I could see him looking over her shoulder with big alligator tears running down his cheeks. I could also hear him then throwing a tantrum as I was on my way to the car in the driveway.

I know from experience that kids do this.. my mom's daycare gave me insight to how this whole shindig works and I know that seconds after the parent is out the door, the child settles right back in and is just fine.

Knowing this and having it happen to you.. especially on a Thursday when there's nothing you'd RATHER do than take the day and spend it with your child instead of sitting in an office.

He had never really gotten upset before when I'd leave him at daycare.. I occationally joked that "it would be nice" if he'd not want me to leave.. but usually he's launching right into playtime or breakfast and barely glances at me when I leave. That's much easier to deal with. I have to be careful what I wish for..


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