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So aside from the fact that the "reason" that I now have Type 2 Diabetes is because I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy with Ben and with a certain number of people with GD.. it can turn to Type 2 later in life... this blog has nothing to do with Ben. yeah.. let's ignore the fact that i was fat and insulin resistant for years before project-baby was even in the planning stages.

So now that I'm officially a Diabetic, I'm slowly learning what I need to do and blah blah friggin blah blah. My biggest (hahahaha) concern was the fact that when it hit, i started gaining about a pound a day.. this was horrifying. Capping off at about 250 lbs.. I finally got in to see an endocrinologist who would listen to me and believe me when I said that I wasn't just still holding onto "baby weight".

SOoooooooooooooooooooo... to make a long story short.. I started on Metformin about 6ish months ago and had the dosage increased in um.. I think October. Since then, I've lost 60 lbs. It's like magic. It also helps that while on the Metformin, my blood glucose levels don't get much above 120 regardless of what I eat (although eating high carb things will make me regret it).

Sooooooooooooooooooo... now I'm on a new med. It's called Byetta and it's an injectable. It would be fine.. i'm fine with needles.. i took lord knows how many injections during my infertility treatment days and even more during my gestational diabetes days.. this is just twice a day before meals.. couldn't be easier.. right?

well.. aside from the fact that the friggin pen with the med in it is supposed to stay between the temps of 36 to 46 degrees.. *grit teeth*. Now.. on most days, this is no problem.. i can take it with the rest of my meds when I wake up and am running around getting myself and Ben ready for work/daycare all in about 20 minutes since i'm ALWAYS running late. NOPE!

You have to take it either an hour before taking other meds or three hours after taking other meds. WHAT? ok.. now in the morning I take my metformin, my thyroid med and my.. this is the kicker.. all of my anti-dep/anxiety meds. So now I have to either get up an hour earlier to give myself a shot and eat and then .. well i can't even do the math to make that work. my guess is that i'll end up putting my meds into my pocket and taking them mid-morning at work.. THAT always works so well.

Now this temp thing... if we ate breakfast AND dinner at home and had the time to take the meds within 60 minutes of eating.. fine! no problem! but we tend to like to leave the friggin house once in a while!!!

so i just looked up options for "traveling with diabetes".. i'm not talking getting on a plane to kentucky (hi mom) or texas (hi jaaym).. i'm just talking about going to the mall for a few hours and to a restaurant.. or when the weather gets nice.. going out to the park for the day and possibly getting dinner before going home. *GRUMBLE*

i can't even begin to describe the "protocols" that are listed regarding how to pack and keep the med at the correct temp and blah blah friggin blah. One site even recommends going to Bass Pro's online store (i'm.not.kidding.) to buy some special thermometer to stick in a thermos to make sure you're not over or under cooling your Byetta. F.

The manufacturer offers a free fanny pack. NO FRIGGIN WAY AM I GETTING A FANNY PACK... even if it's free... it doesn't matter.. i'll stay home forever.

How do people with "real" diabetes do it? I'm not sick with it.. my levels are easy to control.. my biggest issue is wanting to lose some more weight.. i didn't know that this would be an aspect of my life that i'd need to buy accessories for.

Meanwhile.. we're not supposed to be anywhere with Benjamin without his "seizure kit" which, at least, doesn't have temperature requirements.. it just takes up half of his diaper bag.

I guess the cool part is that the stuff (Byetta) is made from lizard spit.

I'm. not. kidding. Google it.


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