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I have to say. I LOVE American Idol. It's Tuesday.. guys night.. 10 guys left...

I missed the first dude.. but I don't think I like him anyway. I had some priorities.. grocery shopping and helping shiela with the big man. my wife is a trooper though.. because she hates this show and is ok with putting ben to bed on idol nights..

So Luke Menard (sp?) just sang a Queen song. This is majorly risky in my opinion because I put Freddy Mercury at the top of the heap when it comes to vocal talent and being the ultimate showman.. I wish he had lived long enough for me to see him in concert. Luke pulled it off... it wasn't Freddy.. but I still think he pulled it off.

Ok.. the drag racer is cute. What's his name? This is why I'm gay.. my taste in men was dangerous at best. Ooooo.. he's singing Hot Blooded.. good choice!I have to say I've got a soft spot for hairy disheveled men.. :) Ok.. he's Robbie.. he's my favorite so far tonite.

Danny N.. my niece loves this kid. I don't see it. He's butchering The Carpenters.

Shiela is still working on getting Ben to bed.. I think he's winning.

Ok.. my laptop is getting too hot for my lap.. you'd think someone would have thought of that. I'm hopefully going to be able to stay awake long enough to see David A.. he's a cutie and is my favorite overall this year..

... shiela just appeared outside Ben's doorway and gave me the international hand symbol for "i'm watching TV in the bedroom". her loss man..

David Hernandez. I can't concentrate on his performances because I can't stop being reminded that Shiela used to date a guy with the same name. I can say that I wish I looked like that in jeans and a tshirt. Ok.. the judges liked him.. i still didn't listen.. i was too busy typing and thinking about how to look like that in jeans.

In other news.. the Byetta thing is going ok. it really kills my appetite, which I have a feeling is the reason why it helps with weight loss. i took the injection and had a small bowl of cereal and feel like i had a huge multi-course dinner with desert. i have a mini carton of haggen daas chocolate ice cream in the freezer and I don't think I can eat it.. how weird is that.

ok.. i'm tired.. i like david cook.. and i'm bugged about the fact that they are saving the young kid for really late in the show.... i need to sleep...

ok.. he's on next.. i can hold on for one more song... *snooze*


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