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Ok.. so it's 10:37 and Benjamin just went down for his morning nap. We breathe a sigh of relief. I sit on the couch in my jammies, deciding to take this opportunity to write in my blog. The fish take this opportunity to swim. The cats take this opportunity to sleep on the clean clothes on Ben's second bed (we have a twin bed in his room too)... lovely.

It snowed last night. I woke up this morning excited.. feeling like a kid again.. we were going to go sledding today! I couldn't wait. My "plan" was that we'd get the big guy up, fed, bundled up and do the same for ourselves and then head to the park. As we all know.. my "plans" never work out the way i have them pictured.. but we're still going to go sledding. My plans were derailed by rain or any other force of nature.. just a busy morning.


When I get up with Ben before Shiela gets up.. bad things happen. Ben and I tend to "get in trouble" when on our own looking for interesting things to do. Shiela left some paper and crayons on the floor from their colors activity yesterday afternoon and so Ben trucked right over and grabbed a few and proceeded to chew on them and occationally make some lines or dots on the paper i gave him. This type of activity should probably take place in his high chair.. but no.. we colored on the floor.

Meanwhile.. shiela is getting up and ready for the day.

Benjamin begins to show signs that he may be getting hungry (i.e. eating cheerios off the floor and hanging from the tray of his highchair yelling "mamamamamama")

I popped him into his chair and gave him some cheerios and raisins and then went to "cook" him some breakfast. I stirred some milk into his powdered baby oatmeal cereal.. heated it up.. added some applesauce. I really shouldn't be allowed near the microwave (or the toaster oven... but that's a different story). If you nuke baby cereal for too long.. it becomes somewhat of a colloid.. some interesting new type of matter.

While finishing up my masterpiece of a breakfast for my son.. I hear shiela's voice say "uh.. jen?" in that steeled "i can be strong and support this family in a time of crisis" voice. I went to the dining room. Shiela says "um.. he's got something black on the inside of his bottom tooth". Of course.. a 14 month old doesn't just open his mouth and say "ahhhh" when you make this reasonable request.. so we bring the jaws of life out to pry open his mouth so that i can see his tooth. I take one look and say "crayon.." and walk back to the solidifying mass that is my son's breakfast.


Ben proceeded to eat about 3/4 of his oatmeal before he gagged and then yacked it back up all over himself.. lovely.

So after cleaning him up and letting him eat a few cheerios off the floor (new cheerios this time.. fresh from being dropped, along with raisins, while i was making his breakfast)... we retired to the living room for some play time.


As Ben was playing, I asked Shiela... "so... Billy Joel?".. after a serious battle of money vs fun.. she says "when do they go on sale?". I sent a txt message to Becky.. she calls back just seconds after I hit the send key saying "don't tease me.. are you serious?".. i responded "um.. we think". the tickets went on sale in 15 minutes.. so the race was on.. Shiela put Ben down for his nap while I sat at the computer hitting "reload" on the ticketmaster site waiting for the site to open up for sales for this concert. Once it did.. It was a race against time.. i kept re-entering our info.. 3 tickets, best available, and then the random garbled letters that they use to keep people from using computer programs to auto-dial.. ugh.. i can never read those. after about 100 attempts over 6 minutes.. the show sold out. Luckily.. as soon as it sold out, they opened another show.. so I started shooting for that one and got tickets within a few seconds. whew!


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  1. What A Card said...
    Billy Joel, huh? That sounds awesome! I hope the puke was a one-time incident. We went sledding today. It was mostly a lot of carrying the boys while trying to trudge up a steep hill :)

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