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Some seemingly smart mother must have once thought "wow.. if I could just make Broccoli taste like a chicken nugget..." Well.. in my opinion.. it doesn't get any worse than tricking your two year old into eating veggies...

Actually.. I'm just kidding. I re-arranged the order of the photos from dinner a few nights ago. The little dude actually LOVES his veggie bites (I stuck to the mashed potatoes, thank you VERY much...).. he snarfed down a whole box of the things by himself.. dipped in ketchup, of course.

Btw.. the "time out" photo at the very end was actually taken once he had finished his meal and decided to throw his tippy of milk and his plate across the table and then grab my glasses and wishbone them after hitting me.. doesn't he look all pitiful? Three minutes later he was giggling and climbing onto the piano..


  1. Anonymous said...
    His red hair and blue eyes are simply gorgeous. Beautiful little boy doing what all 2 year olds do :)
    donna said...
    well now, did he break your glasses? ben's really fast!! go you ben!!....then again i can say that because I'M his GRANDMOTHER and it's PAYBACK TIME!! to tell the truth i can only remember you telling me "I'm going to throw you
    in a trash can!!" once when you were sitting in your high chair and you were really mad about something!! it was really good that you were only 2-3 years of age!! lol

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