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I apologize for the lack of interesting blog postings this week. I warned you all.. I was totally wiped from posting at least once a day for NaBloPoMo and I didn't even win a santa suit for my computer..

yeah.. see.. i'm tapped. Nothing creative left up in the noggin... So without further ado.. I've got more photos to share...

Checking out the window holiday displays at Macy's in Boston

Reading a toy catalog while waiting for dinner at the Olive Garden

Don't worry.. he's just sleeping with his eyes open. This is what you get for buying a backpack carrier for $250.. no headrest!

Helping friends trim their Christmas tree

Dipping binky in hot chocolate from Starbucks on a cold Boston afternoon...

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  1. donna said...
    wish i was there for the hot chocolate...wait!! i will be soon--can't wait!! i like him reading the toy reminds me of adam year after year checking out toys for his wish list!! lol

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