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It's amazing how much a child changes over the first two years..

Two Years Ago:

One Year Ago:

This Year:

Now.. about that jingling christmas tree. I had the bright idea of replacing the glass balls that we normally decorate our tree with (non-toddler-friendly) with bright gold and red bells. The red bells are just for show.. no bell ringers. The gold ones are the real deal though.. jing-a-ling. It turns out that the tree makes a grand jingling sound when you throw toys at it. As a result, about 60% of the needles have fallen off of our tree making it look strikingly like Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree.. of course.. ours still jingles.


  1. What A Card said...
    Oh, cutie! Sweet, sweet :)

    Get some video of the crazy attack-tree moves!
    misstj said...
    holy cow... benny you're growing up man! i'm scared to think you you, T & B all together... that could be quite interesting!! i bet they'd teach ya some great tricks! but i think they'd like the jingling-throwing-toys-at-the-christmas-tree-trick!
    Susan said...
    What a cutie. Love the red hair :)
    Snickollet said...
    That picture of Ben on the stool is unbelievably adorable. And I love seeing how much he's grown/changed!

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