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Ok.. sorry about the lack of blog posts recently.. my home computers have the plague and I've been working through my lunch lately.

So tis the season to be friggin jolly..

One of my faithful readers clued me in that I've officially missed out on the opportunity to snag the "tmaab" domain name for my blog. I've debated getting it for a while, but haven't felt like it for a range of reasons. Well.. turns out that two men and a brush beat me to it..




Two Men and a Brush

I have to give them props for coming up with a business name that sounds like something that should be illegal. It's a shame that their acronym is the same as mine though...

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  1. Snickollet said...
    Two Men and a Brush does sound . . . vaguely naughty. Huh.

    Random: I have a Christmas gift for you from Little Flowers, and a b-day and a Christmas gift from them for Baby. What are you doing tomorrow afternoon (Christmas Eve)? Maybe we could drop them by?


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