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Ok.. both moms of Two Moms and a Baby voted this morning. The baby came along for the ride although he didn't like the idea of waiting in line. I'm thankful that it's finally Election Day.. I've had it with this political season. I'm hopeful that the results of the election will be a landslide so that we do not spend another few weeks discussing "dimpled chads"...

Yesterday, Ben and I went to the library in the afternoon after his nap. He brought his pink baby stroller (one of those toy ones). It caused a stir at the library. At one point, he was running full throttle, curls bouncing, while screaming at the top of his lungs.. following him were 3 other toddlers.. also screaming.. all trying to get the stroller. It was quite the scene. The other moms were luckily very funny about it.. it was hard not to laugh at the chaos.

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  1. Goddess in Progress said...
    WOHOO! It's still on my to-do list for the day, but not for long... we're heading out when the kiddos get up from their nap. YAY!

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