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I can't wait for tomorrow to be over with. I'm SO tired of thinking about this election.. talk about beating a dead horse. Instead of writing about my political views at this juncture.. I decided to opt for brevity and just provide a few links.

VOTE TOMORROW!! Remember.. you can't complain afterwards if you don't vote.. If you have any questions regarding your voting options, go to Vote411.

We're not just voting for the president. It would be a shame if you walk into the voting booth tomorrow and had NO CLUE what or who you are voting for. For those of us in Massachusetts, check out the state's voting information page. You can enter your address and you'll learn where you are supposed to vote and you'll find information on who is running and what Ballot questions are on the table. We have all heard the "Vote No on 1" commercials and many of us have defaced people's lawn signs (not me, of course).. but did you also know that marijuana law and greyhound racing were also on our state ballot this year? (as an aside.. I am SO glad that same-sex marriage is not on the MA Ballot this year.. my thoughts and yes.. prayers.. are with all of the families in California who have been dealing with their lives being front and center in the media.. ugh..)

That's it for me on the subject.. I changed my blog background to reflect the stars and stripes.. but other than that.. the best you'll get out of me regarding politics is some links to Tina Fey.


  1. Goddess in Progress said...
    Cute background! :-)

    My only question for the pollsters in MA is this: am I allowed to take a photo in the ballot booth? Because I'd love to take a picture of my kids when we vote. It's just too exciting... Heehee!

    Oh, and California... oh dear. I only wish I lived there so I could vote NO on 8! I hope hope hope it doesn't pass. It's just wrong.
    Giovanna Diaries said...
    Proud of you for finally changing your background!
    And tomorrow should be a fun fun day!
    donna said...
    i cant wait for tomorrow! new state, new town - paper ballot--we'll see. love

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