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Procrastination is the key..

It's almost noon and I'm still half asleep. Luckily, my to-do list is in reasonable control today. My non-work related to-do list includes several things this weekend.

1. go to CT with the other mom and the baby
2. possibly visit my gram, who gave the nursing home the boot and is finally back in her own home.
3. possibly see my dad
4. catch at least one mouse. my sister sucks at it. i have to give her credit.. she doesn't want to get the snap traps and is therefore trying to catch the dumb thing. Of course.. she's not as cool at it as we are.. we caught Jerry in just a few hours. The mousie in my sister's house is just playing with her. He likes to snag the goodies without tripping the trap and doesn't realize that his days are numbered if he doesn't take the bait and go move to someone else's basement..
5. figure out why my sister's computer is crashing after a few minutes of operation.. it IS fun to listen to her talk about how frusterated she is about it though..
6. figure out how to keep up with NaBloPoMo when I'm staying in a place with a computer that doesn't work. I may have to do a mobile post.. which means I have to figure out how to do that again... and I have to charge my cell phone..

Well.. i'm bored of making a list.

Hopefully I'll get my formatting back to being semi-respectable. The funny part is that my blog readership has skyrocketed this week for some reason.. i guess it is all the meaningless posts and the horrible formatting.. my hit count has more than doubled from last week.. crazy. I guess my readers like chaos.


  1. Giovanna Diaries said...
    Your readership is skyrocketting? Not fair! Maybe it's cuz of NaMaPaTaLa month....? Your so darn popular!
    PS thanks for the evite!
    Jen said...
    yeah.. total jump in readers. i guess the trick is making your blog look like crap!

    btw.. you could bring your mom to b's party too if you wanted.. we'll need someone to play dodgeball with.. :)
    What A Card said...
    Have a fun weekend!

    People are crazy, we must all like the crazy.
    Beck said...
    FUNNY ABOUT THE MOUSE AND COMPUTER....and if you are quick you can do stuff....before it crashes...
    donna said...
    i wonder if beck's mouse trap is one of those "have a heart" traps and it is for squirrels and chipmunks and may be too large for mice? i'll have to call her. love

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