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Hey Moo... We totally have to find a way to get our kids together to play. The more I learn about Grayson, the more similarities I see between him and Ben. The drum thing is over the top! Shiela and I have been talking about getting Ben a drum set. Losely talking about it, given that 1. we can't afford it and 2. it's a drum set for a 2 year old.. seriously. Seriously! It's hard not to when he gets such a kick out of it (and he's SO good)!

This is our current trap set...

It's called Finger Drums and I've had it for about a year on my desk at work. Ben saw it last Friday when he and Shiela came to pick me up and he hasn't put it down since. I have to get take a video to share! I think we may be visiting the local Pottery Barn Kids too! (we'll be sure to bring our own sticks!)

In other news.. do you have Tub Drums? This is one of Ben's all time favorite tub toys. The drums also double as good buckets to dump water over his head to wash soap off. :)


  1. What A Card said...
    Oh, this is so funny...we just saw a First Act drum set at BJ's today for $99. I'm sorely tempted for this to be the boys' holiday present this year. N-man saw it and started wailing on it, practically jumping out of the cart. He's a total Animal :)
    moo said...
    Those tub drums look AWESOME.

    We bought him a "music" set from Target last year ... $20 for a drum with two sticks, a harmonica, maracas, and a tambourine. To this day, he still LOVES that thing. But that small drum is about all I can handle with the noise! And the space! and the cost!

    I love that Ben loves drums too ... it's a boy thing, I guess. ;)
    donna said...
    jen- do you still have your drum pad and sticks? ben is so you!! lol

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