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Well.. it may be a long winter. Or a cold one.. for a certain red headed toddler that I know and love. We've never had trouble with jackets in the past.. last year was a breeze. This year.. we HATE wearing our jacket! I can't blame him.. it is bulky and somewhat irritating. I felt a bit hypocritical last night when I was fighting him to get him into his jacket while mine was bunched up on the floor boards in the car.

Anyway.. I digress..

I've been trying to figure out a way to make wearing a winter jacket a bit more appealing. He doesn't have to like it.. but it would be nice if we could avoid an all out temper tantrum when he just SEES the jacket.

Attempt #1

We are going to pick up a Thomas the Train embroidered patch to sew or iron-on his jacket. It may be wishful thinking.. but maybe, just maybe, this will do the trick. I'll let you all know!


  1. donna said...
    if you think the screaming when he see his coat is bad--wait for the springtime and he screams when you don't put it on!! lol
    donna said...
    g-ma told me one day after i was pinning amy down on the ground in the back yard to reput the sweater that i knitted back on her - not to bother--if she gets cold she will come to you for it. i didn't want to listen because my way was BEST (laugh) BUT IT WORKED i also enjoyed watching amy do a slow freeze (very rewarding)- she did ask for it YEA!! good luck

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