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That was the high point for his temp (hopefully forever). We just got back from the ER. Ben's temp jumped over 105 degrees around 9pm. We took him in by ambulance. It sucked, but he was a trooper. Chest xrays and bloodwork came back ok.. so we know he isn't brewing an infection. Damned viruses. We are "happy" to report that we dodged this one without a seizure. Hope that trend continues. His temp was down to 100.9 when he was discharged about a half hour ago. He's singing right now. Not exactly how we hoped to spend our Sunday night.. but I'm glad that his temp is down at least for now. *cross fingers* The alarm is set for 3am, when he's due for his next tylenol and anti-seizure meds. I'll be crashing on the twin bed in his room tonight. Party in Ben's room.. 2am!


  1. Snickollet said...
    I'm so sorry that your weekend was filled with illness! 105.7 is SCARY.

    Do you need anything? Want us to bring dinner by tonight?

    Let me know.
    Giovanna Diaries said...
    That is so scary!
    I can't even imagine how frustrating this whole fever thing is for you guys!
    What A Card said...
    Scary! Hope the little guy is feeling better, and his mommies are, too!
    June said...
    My poor little angel sorry he's sick AGAIN. When my two children were small--Shiela spent LOTS of time at Dr. Donaldson's office [little toot learned what routes I took to get to his office--screamed every time we headed that direction...too smart]..anyway, her dr. once told me pediatrians earn most of their money treating fevers from tonsillitis, etc. the first 3-4 yrs of their patient's lives. That proved true for Shiela, and her brother. Anyway, I hope the little guy is much, much better by now. Love you guys!!!

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